Tent of Academia

Tent of Academia





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Title: Tent of Academia

Duration: Seven days, six nights

Traveling distance: 541 Kilometers

From: West Bank location ( 3 location)

To: Naqab (Negev) Locations ( 2 Locations)

The Saga[1]: Join this event and get in contact with academics and Bedouin scholars while you live and learn within Bedouin communities in the west bank and Naqab, visiting organizations and institutions that relate to Bedouins. Under the tent, participants will get a chance to understand the Bedouin politics, customary laws, history, demography, anthropology, economy, etc.

Meals, Beverages & Snacks: All Inclusive

Accommodation facility type: Guest homes, GD tourist Sites, Camping grounds .

Terrain & Climate type[2]: Rocky mountains, Sand, Desert climate

Min # of participants [3]: 18

Traveling methods: hiking, off-roading, animal back riding, A/C Bus

This tour also includes: Lecturers and Bedouin activists, A guardian of the desert guide at all times, all transportation, Off-road emergency vehicle, Bedouin Folk band event, lodging and accommodations


Cost per traveller[4] :791 USD

[1] A full detailed itinerary/travel program will be emailed to you upon registering and prior to your donation.

[2] Please dress according to the climate and terrain mentioned to avoid hurdles

[3] For a custom # of travelers please continue to our custom travel planner

[4] BWB is a not-for-profit organization So all the proceeds from its activities will be treated as donations and will help support local Bedouin communities focusing on women and children ( if practicable). Keeping in mind the sensitivity and vulnerability of the community’s culture restrictions and norms. Leave your Bedouin host a gift if you like, but make sure you don’t offend them by paying for what they believe is a norm! Don’t worry, through your contributions BWB departments will compensate and reward your hosting parties directly, and preserve this intangible Bedouin culture