Al Madareb ( the Bedouin homeland )

Al Madareb ( the Bedouin homeland )



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Title: Al Madareb ( the Bedouin homeland )

Duration: 4days, 3 nights

Traveling distance: 18 Kilometers

From: To be specified

To:  To be specified

The Saga[1]: A chance to experience what it means to be a Bedouin and how the environment builds character and personality as you join 20 to 30 participants in a three-night hardcore living in the desert, such experience will leave its psychosocial and meditation impact on you,  and will teach you some Bedouin technics on how man-made this wilderness a heaven to long to.  In this model, you are A Bedouin, not a tourist. So grab your forte and go and don’t forget in your Madareb it’s one for all and all for one.

Meals, Beverages & Snacks: All Inclusive

Accommodation facility type: Camping

Terrain & Climate type[2] : Desert climate

Min. # of participants[3]: 30

Traveling methods: Hiking, Animal back riding

This tour also includes: Guardians of the desert guides, all equipment needed to build your camp, all meals ( basic materials as a Bedouin local will teach you to cook your own food), BWB media team will photograph and record all parts of the experience, no smartphones allowed, off-road vehicle on standby, last day Bedouin graduation party, first aid, herding Animals


Cost per traveler [4]: 287 USD

[1] A full detailed itinerary/travel program will be emailed to you upon registering and prior to your donation.

[2] Please dress according to the climate and terrain mentioned to avoid hurdles

[3] For a custom # of travelers please continue to our custom travel planner

[4] BWB is a not-for-profit organization So all the proceeds from its activities will be treated as donations and will help support local Bedouin communities focusing on women and children ( if practicable). Keeping in mind the sensitivity and vulnerability of the community’s culture restrictions and norms. Leave your Bedouin host a gift if you like, but make sure you don’t offend them by paying for what they believe is a norm! Don’t worry, through your contributions BWB departments will compensate and reward your hosting parties directly, and preserve this intangible Bedouin culture