Legal Advocacy

Bedouin Monitor

The Bedouin Monitor provides an open space for both readers and writers to communicate and comment on recent articles and media publishing’s related to Bedouins in the area and region. The Monitor serves as an early alert system of urgent and escalating events happening in all Bedouin communities  


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BWB aims to build a solid and perceptive Bedouin network where ever nomadic or semi-nomadic Bedouins endure. ALFURSAN or AlFARISAT (knights & knightesses) are Bedouin individuals that went through extensive training and documentation courses and given the tools and means to act as professional field workers, chosen by their tribe or community to represent and

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The CAVALRY annual conference aims to bring all Bedouins together to discuss the Bedouin situation and to issue a total/comprehensive report from data gathered through the year , in additional to discussing and approving the strategical organization plan and immediate objectives The Forum BWB annual conference aims to bring Bedouin tribes together to discuss the

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Bedouins Without Borders, is an independent Palestinian not-for-profit organization, founded in 2015. Established by a group of Bedouin activists and supporters, BWB aims to work with Bedouins in Palestine, Mid East and northern Africa regions.