Bedouin Women Cultural Shops

Bedouin Women Cultural Shops

Bedouin culture and heritage are ancient, unique and charming. However, many ancestral traditions are being lost in today’s economy and mass-production approaches. BWB started the first women’s cultural shop in the Ta’amrah tribe east of Bethlehem in 2017 with ten women and one gentleman with disabilities, and in 2019 BWB started the second women shop in Jahaleen tribe east of Jerusalem with 8 women. Our aim is to have 8-10 stations/workshops in the west bank, Gaza & Naqab (Negev) Desert in the next three years.

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The shops Join Older women with Youth to help in safeguarding and passing on knowledge through different Generations while trying to economically empower Bedouin women. BWB’s methodology invests in women vocational training and TOT. Eventually, BWB will support all Active and fully trained workshops to establish a legal entity and a trademark after reaching the required capacity, making sure participants have the best chance to run and maintain the best profitable venture possible while holding on to their roots.
Vocational training will include the use of common elements available in the Bedouin communities like Sheep/goat wool, Leather, Stones, metal and authentic edible products with the minimal use of machinery. Bedouin women are the core of the tribal economy and this intervention will have a significant impact on the Bedouin community as a whole while fighting poverty. Creating Jobs, opening new income sources, training women to train other women, connecting and uniting Bedouin women.

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Bedouins Without Borders, is an independent Palestinian not-for-profit organization, founded in 2015. Established by a group of Bedouin activists and supporters, BWB aims to work with Bedouins in Palestine, Mid East and northern Africa regions.