Bedouin Data Bank

Bedouin Data Bank

• Up-to-date relational database that aims to provide an organized collection of data that is stored, Archived, and accessed electronically. BWB Data bank library will focus on two Levels of informational grids, Surveys or Micro data level like: household surveys on income or demographics, health, education, labor, project/impact evaluation surveys, violation records/impact, etc.

And Geo spatial Data level like satellite imagery, Geo-referenced environmental, agricultural, hydro logical data, and tribal territories and so on. BWB Data bank is aiming to be repository of information on most vital subjects related to Bedouin tribes in (Palestine and the region) organized in a way that facilitates local or remote information retrieval, adapting a New SQL platform to provide organizations and researchers open access to unrestricted Data. The Bank Unit will provide Semi Annual and Annual reports/ research papers to interested organizations and entities with direct and supported analysis on many topics related to Bedouins in Palestine ( and the region )

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Bedouins Without Borders, is an independent Palestinian not-for-profit organization, founded in 2015. Established by a group of Bedouin activists and supporters, BWB aims to work with Bedouins in Palestine, Mid East and northern Africa regions.